Aircraft Acquisition

Nona cooperates with regional and national market players within the European Union and can offer short-, mid- and long-range aircrafts. We offer products from lessors and operators in considerable and serviceable state with profitable terms and conditions for all participating parties. Please feel invited to challenge our ability of providing offers with the most suitable characteristics for your needs.

Engine Acquisition

Efficient sourcing is a central skill when it comes to the volatile and fast-growing demand for engines and engine spare parts. Even if our team will need to find the Needle in the Haystack there is no other option but to accept your request.

Please feel free to provide your requirements with target prices and we will respond in no time.

Spare Parts & Tools

From a worldwide network of suppliers and manufacturers Nona will chose the exact requested spare. We provide service for supply of all types of aircraft components, spare parts, rotables and consumables for the aftermarket, as well as tools and hangar equipment.

Prior to delivery, the relevant certificates and warranties are checked and approved by our quality control.

Aircraft Interior

We can offer a wide range of second hand and new aircraft seats reaching from full comfort and entertainment to light weight carbon fibre models.

Our national partnerships with aircraft interior traders give us a unique opportunity to source new and pre-owned components for your aircraft

Airport Equipment

The product quality and reliability of ground equipment goes along with its efficient and sustainable use. Airport and Airfield service equipment and its good management which includes safety and security regulations will avoid delays and extra costs. Nona will gratefully provide required equipment for establishing your smooth running ground operations that are equally important to passengers, operators and airport authorities.

Not less essential for airlines is a gentle passenger service management that allows autonomy through latest technology of self-service kiosks. For any individual request we are eager to find a suitable supplier to support your staff.