Raw Materials

Metal and Woods are key hard commodities for a huge variety of industries including the widely known fields of application like technology, construction, furniture manufacturing and infrastructure development for electricity, fuel or mobility.

Nona will respond to requests for supply on industrial scale for any project. We recommend utilizing the flexible, structurally strong and sustainably grown timber with European and Eurasian origin. The global demand for strictly controlled harvest of industrial crops will continue its rise as being a key ingredient for inevitable infrastructure projects and public demand.
Our network further includes big players from Eurasia who provide constantly attractive offers for valuable metals and high volumes. This enables our company to process quickly and respond your enquiry.

Agricultural Products

Whether maize, wheat, barley, the suitable fertilizer or even life stock – the Ag markets are volatile, and a good overview of most actual developments is obligatory for making business in these fields. Our strength is not only to source good quality from our partners but also to connect you with agronomy experts that can advise on tailored, long-termed solutions.
Our agricultural commodities are defined as vital for humanities existence and so these soft commodities not only give us the opportunity to become active in trading throughout the years but also to commonly support and realise various interesting projects.

Sunflower Seed Oil offers through its chemical composition diverse fields of utilization. Our Sunflower Seed Oil is purchased as ingredient for cosmetics and skin application but also for delivering a healthy alternative for preparing meals in households and gastronomy. We offer defined quantities of our vegetable oil as bulk article or already bottled for the retail sector.With our partners we watch the control of quality closely and will surely find an according supply for your needs.